Sunday, July 1, 2012

Distance, Schmistance!

Beautiful Ginger on Canada Day 2012

Ginger would like to say that although the distance horses around here get accolades for being great athletes, they don't know athleticism until they've ponied children around on a hot July 1st Canada Day! Not only must one be an athlete, one must also be very pretty and always be very friendly to all manner of children. That takes a special kind of equine. Ginger is that special equine.
Her day started out with a thorough grooming. She's being brushed regularly by Seth, Ronan, Eric, Magnus and Markus but she still had plenty of winter coat left. Lynn had said that when she really starts to shed you can just pull it out by the handfuls and Lynn was right. Today, so much of her winter coat was loose that Carrilee and Marie just kept pulling until there was enough hair to make another pony!
Marie helping to get Ginger ready.

Carrilee smiling at Ginger.

Marie took her out for some cool grass, Ginger is all ready!

Marie made her a tiny braid in her forelock and one to match in her tail. Carrilee had a tiny red halter in her tack room that fit Ginger nicely - red for Canada Day.
When she was all ready to go, we took her outside for a bite of grass and when she spied that trailer she went right over. She was excited to be going on her own adventure.
Ginger, happy to go on her own adventure.

Gary took her to Harmony Park in Summerville for the Canada Day celebration and Ginger was a most popular attraction. Sharon and Shelby and Jade helped out with the leading of Ginger and the riders, which was fun for them and Gary enjoyed some Summerville Fire Dept. barbecue and some great music.
You can see by these pictures that Ginger had great fun today!

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